VOLUNTEERS!                                                                                   2017

    We welcome parent/family volunteers at Riverside.  If you are a family member other than the custodial parent/guardian, we will need written consent for you to be in the classroom. 


    Keep in mind that your little darling will be expected to follow all school and classroom rules and expectations while you are here.   For example, no sitting on your lap…sorry.  That is for at home.  J


    We think that your child will do fine with having you in the classroom!  However, if it is disrupting instruction, we might have to postpone until later in the year.  For example, if your child falls apart crying when you leave, we will have to try again in a couple of months…


    Volunteer jobs in our classroom include reading with kids, flashcards, helping  small groups of children to stay on task, reading a story to the class with teacher support (I won’t ditch you in the room with them J) and a variety of other things.   It is important that you understand that although you will absolutely get a chance to spend some time with your student, volunteers work with many children…not just their own. 


    I stick with once a week for each volunteer…it is important for each child to spend their time independent in the classroom with his/her peers and teachers.  Also, volunteer time is going to be limited to 30 – 45 minutes for the same reason.


    If this sounds fun to you, please let me know.  Please fill out the form on the back of this paper and send it back to me. 


    Many thanks!

    Donna Keenan






    Volunteer Form For Miss Donna’s Class


    Student’s Full Name:  ________________________________________

    Volunteer’s Full Name:   ______________________________________



    Please jot down some possible days/times for me to choose from.  


    Times that I need the help the most are…

    Monday -Friday 9:00 a.m. -9:30 a.m 


    In the box below, Please jot down a time above that would work for you.  If you want to volunteer but the times shown above won’t work for you, please jot down a few times that might work and I will do the best that I can to work things out.

    Thanks for your help with our little learners!