Child Care

    Lakeview School Age Child Care:  We are a state licensed program that strives to meet the needs of parents by providing quality care for Lakeview's school-aged children in Kindergarten through fourth grade.  The program focuses on enhancing children's physical, intellectual, social and emotional development, with recognition of individual interests and talents.  We provide a safe environment taught by reliable and caring adult supervisors. 
    Lakeview School District offers the following child care:
    Morning Child Care:  Morning child care begins at 6:30 am until the start of school at 8:40 am.  Minges, Riverside, and Westlake elementary schools provide morning child care.  Prairieview children are dropped off by parents in the morning at Westlake then bussed to Prairieview for the start of school.  Breakfast is served free of charge to child care students.
    Afternoon Child Care:  Afternoon child care is open from the end of school at 3:45 until 6:00 pm.  Minges, Riverside, and Westlake elementary schools provide afternoon child care.  Prairieview children are bussed to Westlake for care after school and parents pick up at Westlake.  An afternoon snack is provided at no additional charge to the parents.
    Enrollment:  Children must be enrolled in the program prior to attendance, with state required paperwork completed as well as enrollment fee paid.  Lakeview School Age Child Care is a tuition based program with tuition charged and fees collected on a weekly basis.  Fees are based on the number of days the child is enrolled and charged regardless of attendance.  Enrollment is available throughout the school year as long as space is available.
    For more information and to enroll please contact Mary Dolbee, Child Care Director, at 565-2405 or  Please see fee schedule and enrollment forms at the bottom of the page for additional information.